VaultRX Formulary

Preferred drug pricing

• Preferred drug list / formulary organizing drugs by therapeutic class into four (4) pricing tiers:

     $0.00 (over 200 drugs at no cost)
     $10.00 (or less)
     $25.00 (or less)

         $50.00 (or less)

• Non-Formulary Drugs are available at “no margin” pricing discounts

        (30 -50% less expensive than traditional discount cards)        

• Average savings of $78 per prescription or 67% of usual and customary price

Online tools to identify cheaper drug alternatives

  • Compare pricing across local pharmacies
  • Identity more affordable (generic and brand) prescription alternatives
  • Print, text or email a benefit voucher from the site
  • Access to drug information & view drug images

Telephone access to live prescription drug pricing assistance
  • Prescription Drug pricing professionals are available toll-free to assist members identify the most affordable alternatives

Family benefit
• Program benefits are available to all family members

 Preferred drug network   
  • Accepted at over 60,000 participating pharmacies

Click "Formulary Overview" to download a brief overview of what the VaultRX Formulary is. 

Formulary Overview

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