Hospital Indemnity

Most employees pay a greater percentage of medical costs than ever before. On average, a family with a high-deductible plan will pay more than $4,000 out of pocket for medical expenses and in the case of hospitalization, it could be even more. Consider the possibility of having to hire help at home, additional childcare expenses or any other unexpected expenses while hospitalized. The hospital indemnity plan is designed to pay cash benefits when an employee is hospitalized or receives other medical treatment covered under the plan. The plan was created with employees’ needs in mind, providing convenient cash benefits with streamlined flexibility from day one. 

Benefits under the plan are paid directly to the employee or medical service provider and are not coordinated with any other form of insurance. Watch the interactive video below for more information. 

Hospital Indemnity Flyer


Our accident insurance plan provides cash benefits for medical treatment received for covered accidents, injuries, ambulance services, hospitalization or accidental death. The plan pays regardless of what your primary insurance covers with no coordination of benefits. The benefit is paid directly to an employee to help cover unexpected out-of-pocket expenses (deductibles, co-pays, childcare and other nonmedical bills) while he or she recovers. Our accident insurance plan covers ambulance services, treatment (emergency room visits, follow-ups, etc.) and daily hospital confinement. Watch the interactive video below for more information.

Accident Insurance Flyer

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