What is Telemedicine?

The NRCA Health Care Program is redoubling efforts to help its members and their employees during these uncertain and distressing times. In response, NRCA has added the Telemedicine plan to the current product offering. This product has telephonic and video capabilities priced at $17 or $27 dollars per month, depending on the pharmacy benefit selected. The benefit includes an employee’s entire household. The plan helps families with more than 70% of their routine needs.

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$17/month per employee; $0 co-pays on more than 55 of the most common generic drugs; searches more than 15 discount and manufacturer programs to find the best prices on drugs in your market area; and includes telemedicine services and mobile application.


$27/month per employee; standard Rx formulary; $0 co-pays on more than 200 common generic drugs; and includes telemedicine and mobile application.

A Mobile Application

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