Now employers can provide their employees money in a tax-advantaged arrangement that they can use towards the purchase of an individual health insurance policy. In most cases, employee options for health insurance coverage will increase, allowing workers to shop for a policy in the individual market and select coverage that best suits their needs.


The Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement represents a modern model of employer-sponsored health insurance and is available to all businesses, regardless of size, providing: 
  • GREATER COST CONTROL – employers can confidently set their health plan budget year after year, while providing employees coverage no matter what their needs.

  • SMARTER INDIVIDUAL CHOICES – employees can shop the open insurance market – compare and select what best suits their individual needs.

  • EASY ADMINSTRATION – leveraging an ICHRA-specific technology solution can lift the administration burden by eliminating reoccurring tasks and simplifying the process of employee management.