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ACA-Compliant Health Plans

There is never "one size fits all" in the health care industry. As such, we are offering a variety of plans designed to help members and their families obtain health plans that best suit their unique needs.

ACA-Compliant Health Plans are Minimum Essential Coverage and Minimum Value Plans that meet the ACA’s requirements for health coverage.

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Plan Highlights

  • Guaranteed Issue

  • No Health Questionnaires

  • No Participation Requirements

  • Eligible for Tax Deductions

  • Available in all 50 States

  • Composite Rates

  • No Pre-Existing Conditions Clause

  • ACA-Compliant

  • $0 Deductible Plan Options

  • National PPO Network

Sample Plan Designs

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Plan Chart.png

*PLEASE NOTE: Refer to the schedule of benefits for a more in‐depth list of Benefit Coverage, Limitations and Exclusions. If plan comparison differs from the Schedule of Benefits, the Schedule of Benefits will govern.

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